Oct 23, 2009

The Deception of Suicide:

The Deception of Suicide

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• For every person suicide directly effects, up to 100 persons or more are affected.
• As of 2007, more than an estimated 5000 people a year die due to suicide. It is also estimated that 50,000 people a year have at least attempted.
• For every suicide that has a follow through, 8-10 people kept their lives at a price. Most become permanently debilitated in some way such as brain damage, paralysis not to mention excrutiating physical pain.( As well as the mental torment suicide bombards the person with)
• Everyone has the right to die, and to choose when and how, but it is legally, morally and ethically wrong for someone who is contemplating suicide to ask for assistance.
• The motivating factors to suicide is a deep and complexed issue and some factors are linked to depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and even some types of medication have adverse effects.
• Dealing with life’s challenges can be overwhelming and finding and discovering coping skills and goal setting can be very beneficial to the healing process.
• Everyone deals with life issues differently, and everyone has the right to be believed and heard and no one is beyond help.
• Talking is often theraputic and if one cannot find a person of trust, writing feelings on paper helps to release internalized emotions.

The subject of suicide is a very controversial issue and we are still no closer to the reasons behind suicide than when it first became an issue. All through out history, people have tried to discover the allowances of suicide within the bible, and it is only through perceptions and opinions that society has discovered an inkling as to why this occurrs because the actual term is not used within scripture.

Biblical accounts of suicide are detailed and give the reasons behind such an act which are similar to the suicides that take place today.
The commonality between all suicides is a loss of hope.

It is this loss of hope that breeds negative feelings and when the individual begins to empower these emotions, it is these negative feelings that begin to take root deep within the human heart. This in turn alters the human heart and causes it to rule over the spirit and allows it to become broken.

The heart contains deceptive ways and can easily steer even the most faithful away. Suicide has made its way into the hearts of both believers and non-believers alike, and wreaks havoc in the lives of those who are effected.

The statistics are alarming and yet statistics are not a way to eradicate this tragedy all together. It is an essential tool to bring attention to this dibilitating tragedy, but even doctors are constantly on the scramble of trying to come up with sure fire methods to help deal with the thoughts of suicide, and as effective as thier coping methods once were, it seems like it is now an up hill battle.

The methods once used are now like placing a band aid on a broken arm, and we are at this dibilitating tragedy's mercy. No one can keep up and it seems that no one can cope.
The truth of the matter is, suicide will never become treatable or even eradicated if we continue to neglect our first love.

Every forty seconds someone dies at their own hand and every moment this statistic is worsening. The enemy has decided to cull God's creation and has figured out away to leave his hands unbloodied. This sickening diablolic plan cannot continue but sadly the voice of reasoning cannot be heard.

Society's lies have all but tried to beat down our doors with rights and attitudes and tried to call the Christian lifestyle defunct because it is believed to have little substance in a place where people demand all sorts of freedoms. With these newly discovered freedoms comes a responsibility that most often people are not prepared for. And because of the responsiblity that has been arbitrarily placed on ourselves, we in turn have forgotten our place as God's creation.

People want to go it their own way, and through the anxieties of this world, such as depression, and suicide, we have been shown a worsening and depening trend. Our way does not work, nor will it ever!

Turning back to the Cross of Jesus Christ is the only way to appease the wounds so deeply implanted within the heart. It is the only way to help cure the broken down spirit of its internal suffering. When the focus is placed back onto the cross, there is no need to seek acceptance in one's own ego, or that of the world.

Remembering that the world and its deceptions is the enemy's playground, reminds us of the source of all conflict. This reminds the dear believer that the only place of true healing and comfort comes from Jesus and the cross and His grace He freely gave.

The world is focused on works, and does not accept the love of the Father, but Jesus loved us because our God in Heaven loved us first! This is where true acceptance lays and this strips the enemy of all power over our minds, hearts and our spirit.

Suicide is not something out of our own making. It is a deliberate deception to call us away from God and away from our salvation. The common thinking among suicidal people is that God has turned his back on the individual and they are not worthy of part of what this life has to offer. Scripture states that not one of us are worthy. No one, Not one. We all fall short of the glory of God, and that is why it is important to SHIFT our focus back on Christ because in Christ alone God's work is made complete! The deceptions of the enemy are strong, and although regaining focus back onto the Cross takes great strength and work the healing won't come over night, but the process to healing will.

Suicide is not a concept or creation of God and the very act alone causes a shift off of God that is placed onto self. The act of suicide is a deliberate contrast to God's word and what He intended for every believer. It does not glorify Christ and in fact devoids the Cross and it's meaning and POWER altogether.

God ultimately has the final say, and the final say against Satan and his lies was completed as FINISHED works of Christ. Our lives were never intended to become martyrs and because suicide is not of God, the martyrdom offered has no effect. It is contradictory in action and cannot be honored by the Cross. Death by suicide only causes the "blind to lead the blind" as it holds no good will, and does not bring about peace. It causes those who are left behind to blindly follow the whims of suicide.

Jesus always brings peace to the believer, and was always calling His disciples to " Take great courage". In doing this, and focusing our eyes and attentions on Jesus and Him crucified, suicide has no fury, it is weakend and dismantled and ultimately destroyed. Suicide is the voice of the enemy that the Cross silenced.